Custom Antibody Labeling



Columbia Biosciences Advantage

With over 20 years experience in conjugation chemistry and the production of
fluorescent dyes, Columbia Biosciences is your destination for custom

  • High Purity — 95% purity
  • Fast Turnaround — Average product delivery time is under two weeks
  • Fluorophore Selection — Wide range of proprietary and open-source fluorophores
  • Scalable — Research to production-scale batch sizes
  • Affordable — Reasonable pricing structure

Quality Control Analytics

microgram to gram scale, Columbia Biosciences can produce what you
need, when you need it. Custom assay development and SOPs are also
available upon request.FPLC/HPLC Trace — Guarantees purity
Fluorometry — Ensures correct wavelength emission
UV/VIS — Verifies protein labeling efficacy


Columbia Biosciences’ custom conjugation service is widely used in a variety of fluorescent and enzymatic applications.

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