Goat Anti-Human IgG Fab2: SureLight™ 488


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SureLight™ 488
Form / Storage:
Supplied as a stock solution. Upon receipt, store at 4ºC in the dark. Do not freeze.

The material is stable for up to one year if stored at 2-8ºC in the dark. If further dilution of the conjugate is required, use diluted material within one week.

Technical Info:


Flow cytometry analysis of CD20 expression on Raji (CCL-86, ATCC) cell line. The cells were stained with either humanized anti-CD20 antibodies (Rituximab) – shaded histogram; or with isotype matched control Ab – open histogram. Both samples were than stained with  goat anti-human IgG Fab2 SureLight 488 conjugate. The stained cell were then analyzed on BD FACS Calibur instrument.


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