Goat anti-Rabbit IgG: SureLight® APC;1mg


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Excitation max. λ:
Emission max. λ:
SureLight Allophycocyanin
Form / Storage:
Lyophilized, Store at 4° C.

Upon reconstitution, product should be stored at 4° C and used within 8 months.

Technical Info:

Detection of rabbit IgG using Columbia Biosciences anti-rabbit IgG conjugated to SureLight™ APC: Raji B cells were stained for 30 minutes with 10 µg/ml Columbia Biosciences anti-rabbit IgG conjugated to SureLight APC after treatment for 1 hour with staining buffer alone (white histogram), staining buffer containing rabbit anti-human CD45 primary antibody (1 µg/ml; black histogram), or staining buffer containing rabbit IgG isotype control (red-outlined histogram). 10,000 cells per sample were analyzed on a flow cytometer for fluorescence emission at 661 nm.


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