SureLight® B-Phycoerythrin ( B-PE)


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Because of its high quantum yield, B-PE is considered the world’s brightest fluorophore.

It is compatible with commonly available lasers and gives exceptional results in flow cytometry, Luminex and immunofluorescent staining. B-PE is also less “sticky” than common synthetic fluorophores and therefore gives less background interference.



5mg, 10mg, 50mg, 100mg, 500mg
20 mg/ml
Excitation max. λ:
Emission max. λ:
B-Phycoerythrin ( B-PE)
Form / Storage:
Supplied as a functionally water soluble ammonium sulfate precipitate. Upon receipt, store at 2-8°C in the dark, do not freeze.

Phycobiliproteins are sensitive to freeze-thaw cycles. Avoid exposure to heat and light.

Technical Info:

Structural Characteristics
B-phycoerythrin is produced by red algae such as Rhodella sp. The protein is made up of at least three different subunits and varies according to the species of algae that produces it. The subunit structure of the most common B-PE is (αβ)6γ. The α subunit has two phycoerythrobilins (PEB), the β subunit has 3 PEBs and the γ subunit has 2 PEB and 2 phycourobilins (PUB). The molecular weight of B-PE is 240,000 Daltons.

Excitation and emission profiles for SureLight® B-PE. (Emission scan excitation wavelength at 540 nm.)

Compatible with:

  • 532 nm – Diode-Pumped Solid State (DPSS) Laser
  • 543 nm – He/Ne Laser

Spectral Characteristics

  • Absorption maximum -545 nm
  • Additional Absorption peak -563.5
  • Emission maximum -572 nm
  • Extinction Coefficient (ε) -2.41 x 106 M-1 cm-1
  • Quantum Yield (QY) -0.98
  • Brightness (ε x QY) -2.36 x 106 M-1 cm-1


  • A545/A280 ≥ 5.5
  • A620/A545 < 0.01
  • >95% single peak by HPLC

SureLight® B-Phycoerythrin ( B-PE) Labeling Protocol:

Click here for a well-documented conjugation protocol

REF: M. Roederer, Conjugation of monoclonal antibodies (August, 2004).


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