SureLight® Europium Amine-Reactive Labeling Kit


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SureLight Europium Amine-Reactive Labeling Kit is intended for labeling of molecules with europium through an isothiocyanate reaction to be used in the construction of FRET, QRET and Solid Phase Separation assay formats.

Materials supplied:

  • Lyophilized W1024 Chelate, 100?g active chelate
  • Europium standard, 0.5ml
  • Enhancement Solution, 50ml

W1024 chelate is a fluorescent stable chelate. However, the europium metal can be disassociated from this chelate into a new highly fluorescent chelate using Enhancement Solution. The W1024 chelate is activated with an isothiocyanate group that reacts with free amino groups on molecules to form a covalent thiourea bond.

Materials not supplied:

  1. Labeling buffer, for most proteins: 50mM carbonate buffer, pH 3 is recommended
  2. Elution buffer, Tris buffer, 50mM, pH 5 with 0.5% sodium azide
  3. Pipettes
  4. For proteins: Gel filtration columns NAP5, PD-10 or G-25 column can be used for rapid purification.? Alternatively, a Sephadex G50 column for more complete separation or a combination of gel filtration columns to fractionate proteins may be needed for separation of aggregates and dimers from single protein. Spin columns should NOT be used.
  5. Column decontamination buffer, elution buffer with 1mM EDTA
  6. Spectrophotometer (for protein measurement)
  7. Shaker
  8. Time-resolved fluorometer
1 kit
Excitation max. λ:
Emission max. λ:
Form / Storage:
EU-ITC: Supplied lyophilized. Upon receipt, store at -20?C. Enhancement Solution: Store the diluted ready to use solution at room temperature, preferably in dark. Lower temperatures may cause some light precipitation; however, this is reversible with storage at room temperature.

The chelate, reconstituted in water, should be used the same day.

For long-term storage at -20?C, the chelate should be dissolved in 10 mM sodium succinate buffer (pH5.0) or 10 mM sodium acetate buffer (pH 4.8) and aliquoted.

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