Discovery Services

Columbia Biosciences will help fast track your research while delivering consistent results – from basic research to high throughput drug screening.

Services for Physical Characterization of Proteins and Conjugates
• Chromatography
− Degree of Labeling – UV-Vis HIC
• Degree of Labeling by Assay
• Electrophoresis
− Size – SDS/Native PAGE
− pI – Isoelectric Focusing PAGE
• Protein Quantitation Assay
− BCA, Lowry, Bradford, Fluorescence
• Biotin Incorporation
• Endotoxin Testing and Removal

Services for Functional Characterization of Proteins and Conjugates
• Cell surface binding assay (with determination of receptor density and binding affinity)
• Bispecific antibody occupancy assay
• Bound protein/Ab Internalization
• Cell adhesion assay
• Cell proliferation assay
• Cell viability (direct killing assays)
• Complement-mediated cytotoxicity
• NK-mediated killing (direct or antibody dependent)
• T cell mediated cytotoxicity
• B and/or T cell proliferation
• Influence of target proteins on cytokines/chemokines production
• Custom cell-based assay development

Additional Services
• Characterization of protein-protein interaction (TR-FRET, ELISA or Western)
• ISO-regulated conjugation/protein production

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