TR-FRET Assay Reagents

Columbia Biosciences offers a wide range of TR-FRET assay reagents for use in Time-Resolved Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer (TR-FRET) applications. Our TR-FRET assay reagents are designed for high sensitivity and efficiency in TR-FRET immunoassays, which leverage energy transfer between luminescent-labeled donors and spectrally matched acceptors. Common donors used in these assays include europium and terbium chelates, while typical acceptors are APC, RPE, and Dylight®/AlexaFluor® 650. The sensitivity of the assay is contingent on the proximity between the donor and acceptor, with closer proximity resulting in higher sensitivity. These assays are widely used in both sandwich and competitive formats and are particularly popular in High Throughput Screening (HTS) due to their efficiency and reliability.

TR-FRET offers a number of benefits. They are solution-phase assays, offering better kinetics and ensuring homogeneous reaction conditions. The “mix and read” format simplifies the procedure and reduces handling time. Additionally, these assays exhibit low background noise and minimal compound interference, enhancing the accuracy of the results. The ability to conduct immunoassays in small volumes, as low as 10 µL, further adds to their utility, making them ideal for applications where sample availability is limited. Overall, TR-FRET immunoassays provide a robust, sensitive, and efficient method for detecting and measuring biomolecular interactions. Learn more about TR-FRET